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Targeted by police for protesting chem trails, fluoride, etc [...]

Wednesday 7 November 2018, 09:58:25
Targeted by police for protesting chem trails, fluoride, etc My father was EPA for 23 years. The police came on private property and "illegally" search me and talked to me like a dog. they found a small amount of weed. I do not consent every time they stop me on the street. Last time, they pulled tasers and my neighbors had to stop and save me. Now I just want to get away from city. If anyone has a place that is away from city and needs help or has a mission that I can contribute to please contact me
bummer bro! I have a Legal Notice and Demand that I carry on my self and on it has a fee schedule for violations of my natural rights. I am not a 14A US citizen so they have to traverse jurisdictions for them to press gang. It wont necessarily stop them from the presumption of jurisdiction but once they are notified and they persist it will become a claim for suit. I found that hitting these guys and their departments financially really tends to create change
Thursday 20 December 2018, 19:45:46
Tuesday 22 January 2019, 15:16:18
Andy V
Download the "Cracking the Code third edition" I am trying to start something here in Mid west Ohio. Ill be getting more details soon.
Thursday 21 February 2019, 19:08:14
benjamin l
I went to jail for 15 days but got trustee and out in 7 days. I showed up late by a week turning myself in. no warrant and now on probation for year $1500 fine court costs and probation fees --- for 0.75 grams of weed I am lookin to go underground and ACT out
Saturday 23 February 2019, 03:54:42
Andy V
I requested a book for you all to check out., Check out this old mans web site. Try to be open minded enough to hear what hes saying and not get tied up in the theatrics. He has very interesting story and has many videos on youtube and… If you would give some of it a listen hes 81 living as a sovereign out in Oregon. The book is easily accessible I downloaded it right off google.
Saturday 23 February 2019, 07:03:28
Announcement for the San Diego Voluntaryist community: We have weekly meet ups please DM for info. WARNING 5G/FORCED VAXX/SMART METER Join We have private administrative remedy process templates to place liability on agents who are violating you rights. Specifically I have templates for SDGE smart meter removal (NOT THE EXTORTION CALLED OPT-OUT).
Tuesday 5 March 2019, 23:43:15
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