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I am happy to give clothes to people in need. [...]

Monday 27 February 2017, 18:45:14
I am happy to give clothes to people in need.
having been in a situation once like this as a single mom many years ago being alone by myself with my four month old baby , I was immensly happy to get second hand clothes for my child -I want to tell you how great this is. I was very grateful at this time and fortunately I was able to return this present to someone else in need some years later.

It is so important to give to others who have less. I am convinced of this and now that I have more for myself again I donate money every month for a little girl in South Africa. The agency has projects so that the whole family is getting help, now they are growing their vegetable garden and can live of the vegetables they grow. They are Independent now.
Monday 27 February 2017, 20:13:02
[deleted user]
Yes, I'm very happy with the exchange of 2nd hand clothes too, now living in the UK. Charity shops often have very good quality and it's a pleasure to see many volunteers working to sort things out, clean them, repair them and organize their shop in a friendly atmosphere. Lots of laughs and an occasional eccentric streak with it.

There's no pressure to make profit and socializing is part of working in such a shop.
There's all kinds of folks around, great!

I've found and offered clothes during the almost 2 years that I live in the UK. When I move to a new home I leave most of it to charity shops and start exploring in the area where I've moved to.

It's fun and even very good shoes and boots are to be found in there too. These shops are often places where I find usually kindred spirits too. Serendipity
Tuesday 28 February 2017, 07:49:49
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