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  • https://t.co/AbcPSZD0Zd 5 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @michael_epps @Ummmmichelle @MsBlaireWhite @HillaryClinton Are you being funny here? 6 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @w_terrence @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi Dang, amazing use of old footage 6 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • Smart people get this. Dumb people don't. Sorry if you are in the latter category. I really am. https://t.co/GJ0bXTh7JF 6 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @HillaryClinton How much uranium did they get right before donating 100s of Millions to the Clinton Foundation? 6 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @2LarryJohnson7 DC Symbols "Bigbytes" has pages and pages on this 6 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @youuknowassup @maybeyuh @Iettersinsand @purpleproze Imagine if all women were judged on the worst of you. The ones… https://t.co/r8GgSFHyxY 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @2LarryJohnson7 Not always... devil horns work too. This is the recommended video for YouTube creators today on the… https://t.co/5SbIvl56WT 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • I forgot the best part... anti-constitutionalists giving lectures on impeachment and the constitution. It's like watching a moron circus. 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @BirdHelen Asinine. Disproven. Without a shred of legitimacy. That entire story was a diversion from Burmisma and t… https://t.co/YXi5EpggMf 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • YouTube pounding the symbolism again today. Devil horns flashed on our dashboard homepages encouraging s to follow… https://t.co/MOikfDPtX2 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s

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